Redefining Success, Still Making Mistakes by W. Brett Wilson

brettIn this article I will give a short review of the book that  I just finished to read : Redefining Success, Still Making Mistakes by the Canadian entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den co-star W. Brett Wilson.

When I first saw this book, I bought it because I thought it would be interesting to understand what became the new definition of success for a multimillionaire and an accomplished entrepreneur. Many people often think that they will achieve happiness and fulfillment in their lives if they possess a lot of material goods. That’s how I use to think and that’s how most of the society still thinks. In this book the author explains how his vision of success has changed, and what became his new top priorities for a successful life.

What I liked in Redefining Success, Still Making Mistakes:

  • The author is not shy to share with us the mistakes he made during his life
  • Brett explains us all the process that finally brought him to a new definition of success
  • He tells us what should be our priority if we are looking for a true successful life

What I disliked:

  • Too many name-dropping of his associates and friends
  • A few long letters written by his relatives about how great he is