How Much is Enough?

how-much-is-enough-skidelskyHow Much is Enough? The Love of Money and the Case for the Good Life. One of the best book I have ever read!!!!

This book is AN EYE-OPENER !!!

Even though this book was not so easy to read because my English is not perfect, each sentence in this book was an eye-opener for me!!!

It clearly explains capitalism, why our society is so focus on consuming and why most people are workaholics. This book has definitely changed my way to see our society and the way I will plan my life. The book is partly based on a prediction made in 1930 by John Maynard Keynes: ” …over the next century, per capita income would rise steadily, people’s basic needs would be met, and no one would have to work more than fifteen hours a week.” (How Much is Enough? from Robert Skidelsky& Edward Skidlesky)

That’s clearly not what happened. People are working almost the same hours, but are blowing half of their pays on things they don’t really need.

For someone like me, who is just about to graduate and get into the job market, this book is a must to help you plan your life and take the good decisions!